Our students will succeed in a much different future from the one we envisioned 10 or 15 years ago. It is our responsibility to prepare all children for success in whatever life path they choose, connecting learning opportunities with future career possibilities. We know that real-life experiences - like community involvement, gaining business knowledge, and hands-on-learning - build better students and life-long citizens. 

This year grade 5 students have had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through our Joy and Kindness Club. Through this club, students signed up for a variety of leadership opportunities, including working in our school library, monitoring primary classes during lunch hour, planning and participating in Spirit Day activities and planning and implementing gestures of Joy.

Our grade 5 students had an idea; "Let's raise money for the SPCA!" and the whole school rallied to support this worthy cause. Through a series of lunch time fun dance sessions, students raised over $800 to donate to our local animal shelter. The cheque was presented at our May Husky Assembly.

We have strived to give students a variety of opportunities to learn beyond the classroom basics. This year, students participated in a school wide one day drumming workshop, as well as a week long dance experience as a part of their PE program.

Sports are a great way to learn teamwork, and develop competencies around communication, collaboration and social awareness and responsibility. Students involved in sports also learn the benefits of hard work and perseverance. At McMillan, our students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of intermural an after school sports, including cross country, soccer, skittleball, basketball and track and field.