Study Tips

Help your child to have a successful study time at home by having a designated, tidy place for homework to be completed.  Students need a quiet environment without distractions - contrary to the popular myth that music, screentime and multi-tasking helps with homework - it does not!  Be sure to be available.  Your attention, support and encouragement may be needed.  Have a place to pack up belongings to remember them for the next day!

Home Reading

It is expected that all students, with the support and encouragement of parents, will participate regularly in home reading. While the amount of time will vary by grade, parents are encouraged to ensure that their child does a minimum amount of reading every evening.


How long students spend on homework each evening depends greatly upon the age and the ability of the student. If your child is having difficulty completing homework or seems to be spending too much time on homework, please discuss this with the teacher so we can address other factors that may be contributing to the situation and/or make adjustments. We need to keep in mind that although an evening school activity is important, students need time to be children too. There must be a balance of work and play.