School Spirit at McMillan

January 9, 2023

This year our staff has made a commitment to building school culture and sense of belonging for all students. One of the strategies we are using is school wide assemblies to create and build school spirit. Through monthly assemblies, teachers are recognizing students for their positive social and learning behaviours. We are learning the importance of these traits and how to demonstrate them, as well as cheering each other on as we see successes. The virtues we are focussing on are: respect, honesty, cooperation, empathy, courage, perseverance, creativity and kindness.

When we returned from break this past week, students met in an assembly to revisit these virtues and pump ourselves up for the coming month. We created two random teams of six students (k - gr. 5) and challenged them to work together to transform Mrs. Heitz and Mrs. Jordan into snowmen. The student audience cheered both teams on, and watched the process to see that all virtues were in play in order for each team to be successful. We all had a blast! The end result was a pair of odd but cheery looking snowmen, and 400 laughing, clapping and energized students. 

McMillan has always been a very special school. This year, our amazing staff are working even harder to ensure that students here now have an even more special connection to school and learning!