McMillan Husky Assembly

November 6, 2023

On Nov. 3 we recognized students for the virtues that were demonstrated throughout the month of October. We talked about the different virtues and how they can look; in the classoom, in the hallways and on the playground. Students also know that we can't possibly recognize everyone everytime, for every virture, but rather seek to find opportunities to notice strengths in each student, or areas where there are efforts being made. Students are also learning that virtues are ongoing. We are never "finished", and that some situations might need more effort than others to demonstrate the same virtue.

This month we rcognized the following students:


Arya K

Austin M

Willow F

Lane S

Dara P

Eli M

Ella I

Ravya B

Russell T

Oliver H

Arwen D

Aarin S


Yeju L

Lily F

Ruxton B

Ria D

Dilraj D


Caliana K

Bogdan B

Jonas P

Zac K

Ethan C

Hunter S


Eva N

Kenzie S

Natalia G

Chase B

Kaylee S

Penny P


Spencer B

Auri T

Daniel M

Emma O

Nova R

Ivan F

Jaida J

Oliver H

Caidyn W


Griffin W

Arlo B

Ben B

Aria W

Shania D

Mia G

Jaxon V

Jaheim M

William C


Kate C

Manesh M

Arabelle G

Goldie D

Ben U

Anchal B

Ganeve D

Allie L

Quinn T