Year End is Here

June 17, 2022

We made it through the adventure that was the 2021 - 22 school year! This was the year of unexpecteds for sure, but in spite of it all, we have ended the year on a high note, and everyone is feeling optimistic about what next year will bring.

As we look foward to a well deserved summer break for everyone, there are good-byes to be said. Good-bye to the McMillan families who are making a move. It is our sincere hope that your children thrive in their new schools. We will be saying a special good-bye to our grade 5 students as they head off to middle school, in an assembly on June 28 at 11:00 in our gym. This assembly is open to grade 5 parents only, and due to the minimal space we will have to ask that you leave all other family members behind. This will also be an opportunity to celebrate the many achievements of our grade 5 students, following up with a special lunch for them. Good luck to you all! Embrace the many opportunies that are comming to you!

We also need to say good-bye to many staff members this year. Due to changing enrollment, and the allocation of funding for special needs students, we will be saying good-bye to 5 EAs. We wish all the best to Ms. Kolbe, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Caldor, Ms. McConville and Ms. Shannen as they embrace new challenges with students in other schools. Good-bye also to our Library Tech. Ms. Johnston, who is being moved by the district to a new set of schools. We will miss you all, and hope our paths will cross again.

Good-bye to Mrs. Penner, Ms. Warkentin and Mr. Warkentin, all of whom held temporary contracts at McMillan this year. Your commitment and service in the classroom, the gym and as a part of our community is greatly appreciated. Your new schools are lucky to have you!

With these good-byes comes some good news. Mr. Johnson will become our .7 PE teacher, an exciting opportunity for McMillan to build up its PE program. We are welcoming Mrs. Brianna Warkentin (yes, Mr. Warkentin's wife!) to our grade 5 teaching position alongside Mrs. Heitz. Mrs. Warkentin was displaced from her position at Mountain as a result of the new school opening, and is looking forward to making McMillan her new teaching home.

And one more piece of happy news for me. I have officially dropped the "acting" from my principalship at McMillan and am now looking forward to making some long term plans with this most amazing school community.

Have a wonderful summer! Take care of yourselves, and I look forward to seeing you all when we start fresh again in September!

Christine Jordan