Spring Updates

March 27, 2023

Welcome to spring term! I hope everyone had an enjoyable March Break and is ready for the fun and business of term 3. It is wonderful to be coming to school in the sunshine!

As we head into the final term of this school year, there are a few reminders to be made.

1) Check out our school calendar often it is updated monthly with school and district wide events, or as events come up. Your child's individual classroom events will be communicated to you via planners, seesaw or class newsletters, etc, so it is important to check those things too.

2) Once again it is time to remind everyone that all students should be dropped off in the upper parking loop before 8:30. Our first bell rings at 8:25 and any student arriving after 8:30 is considered late. Our morning routines are important for setting the tone for the day, and students who consistently arrive 2 or 3 minutes late in order to use our front door are missing out on these important first minutes of the day.

3) Although the sun is shining now, we can expect some rainy days ahead. Please ensure on those days that your child has appropriate outside wear for the weather. Students will be enjoying outside breaks in all but the most extreme weather. We can not accommodate requests to stay inside.

4) It's that time of year when we begin looking at our demographics for next year. Please let us know at the office if your child will not be returning to McMillan in the fall. If you have moved out of catchment, please update your address with us, register at your new home school, and then speak with us about an out of catchment request if you wish to remain at McMillan.  It is very important that we have current and accurate information in your child's file.

5) If you are wanting to make a request regarding your child's placement for next year, you will be able to do so from May 8 - 12, by picking up a Placement Request form from the office and returning it there. We will not accept any requests prior to May 8, and do not guarantee that your request will be honored. Staff put a great deal of time and thought into the make up of classrooms. We look at a large number of factors and attempt to create a balance in each class. If you do have a request, please ensure you can provide an educationally sound reason. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call, or stop by to chat.

Looking forward to a terrific spring term at McMillan

Mrs. Jordan