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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Phone Email
Mrs. Christine Jordan Principal 604 859 0126 christine.jordan [at]
Mrs. Anita Heitz Vice-Principal anita.heitz [at]


Name Position Div Email
Mrs. Norene Kitsul Grade 1 13 norene.kitsul [at]
Ms. Jennifer Drain Grade 1 12 jennifer.drain [at]
Mrs. Michelle Sebring Grade 1 14 michelle.sebring [at]
Mrs. Sarah Lapa Grade 1-Div.14 (Th/F) Grade 2-Div. 10 (Weds) PE (Tues) 10/14 sarah.lapa [at]
Ms. JoDee Chudyk Grade 2 9 jodee.chudyk [at]
Ms. Marianne Sheldon Grade 2 11 marianne.sheldon [at]
Mrs. Kirstin Heise Grade 2 (M/T, Th/F) 10 kirstin.heise [at]
Mrs. Jodie Dueck Grade 3 8 jodie.dueck [at]
Mrs. Cheryl Gordon Grade 3 6 cheryl.gordon [at]
Mrs. Ann-Marie Kroeker Grade 3 7 annmarie.kroeker [at]
Mrs. Kirsten Brough Grade 4 4 kirsten.brough [at]
Mrs. Angela Woods Grade 4 (Th) 5 angela.woods [at]
Mrs. Wanda Pearce Grade 4 M/T/W/F 5 wanda.pearce [at]
Ms. Jennifer Hillier Grade 4/5 3 jennifer.hillier [at]
Ms. Darla Williams Grade 5 1 darla.williams [at]
Mrs. Clare Ellison Grade 5 (T/Th) 1 clare.ellison [at]
Mrs. Brianna Warkentin Grade 5: W, Th 2 brianna.warkentin [at]
Mrs. Joan Erickson Kindergarten 17 joan.erickson [at]
Mrs. Jane O'Keeffe Kindergarten 15 jane.okeeffe [at]
Mrs. Marla Piper Kindergarten (M/T/W) 16 marla.piper [at]
Mrs. Monica Ivany Kindergarten (Th/F) 16 monica.ivany [at]
Mrs. Tanya Johnson Learning Assistance & ELL tanya.johnson [at]
Ms. Kaitynn Whitbread Library Learning Commons (T/W/Th) kaitlynn.whitbread [at]
Ms. Amy Leclair LSS amy.leclair [at]
Mr. Scott Johnson PE Teacher M, W, Th, F scott.johnson [at]
Mrs. Cheryl Zieleman Speech and Language cheryl.zieleman [at]


Name Position Email
Ms. Colleen Moffitt School Counsellor colleen.moffitt [at]

Support Staff:

Name Position Phone Email
Ms. Karen Harrison Administrative Assistant 604 859 0126 karen.harrison [at]
Mrs. Tracey McClelland Administrative Assistant
Ms. Kulwinder Bhullar Custodian
Ms. Leanne Abriel EA leanne.abriel [at]
Mrs. Glenda Jeske EA glenda.jeske [at]
Ms. Tracy Rauh EA tracy.rauh [at]
Mrs. Patti Trainor EA patti.trainor [at]
Mrs. Alison Vander Hoek EA alison.vanderhoek [at]
Mr. Tyrone Thomas Indigenous Support tyrone.thomas [at]